My Pennies From Heaven

Andre found a shiny penny last night as he was coming into our building. It was quietly waiting for him there in plain sight.  He brought it to me as a treasure and we know it is because it is a reminder that my Mother who died years ago is still thinking of and praying for us.

The day of my mother’s funeral long ago, when I walked out of church, I looked down and there it was—a shiny penny and I immediately picked it up and put it in my pocket, a small  symbol of my dear Mother.

 I picked up that penny because I  felt it was my own personal message from heaven.  I had heard stories about angels sending a sign from Heaven to encourage, so I imaged my Mother as that angel sent to tell me of her love, prayers, and encouragement on the day I felt the loss of her presence most keenly.

As I was investigating this phenomenon  more today,  I discovered that there are a number of people who have experienced this and  stories reprinted that suggest angels are responsible.

The most amazing thing about this find is that every time I have had a significant event in life, my Mother sends a shiny penny, right  front of me. I didn’t intend to start a collection but I have several hundred pennies now.

A precious treasure indeed.


Barbara’s Pennies From Heaven

B. LaTondresse – 5 March 2020

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2 responses to “My Pennies From Heaven

  1. I’ll never look at a penny the same way again. Thanks for this heart full reflection.


  2. Beautiful reminder of such loving, caring
    aunt who was so special to me.


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