Monthly Archives: December 2020



The turkey is upside dnwn this  year                                             “
So is my world since the flood ,
Temporary quarters full of temporary things,

T  chat’s  life too. In this xx world full of turkes

Thia year I’ll be with my family virtually.I won’t have Mama Stamberg’s cranberry sauce or a Buttrabal sut Is will have a Pub 819 Dinner in virus-free wrap.  I will have a piece of  pumpkin pie. That cannot change

I won’t have my family . Their presence will be a welcome gift  when it happens, so until then, I’ll have this upside dxown world of turkeys:                                          Quite a few, this year, with cancer-scare, virus-looming, flood,Parkinson’s.

vc it’s over l’ll buy a goldfish and call him NOAH,                  
We can remember our floods and have joy.

November  2020